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Greetings everyone! Hope you're well and staying outa trouble. I'm
posting today to let everyone know that my interview about life as
somebody who is visually impaired has now been posted on the
DiversifYA website. I first learned about their website right here on
Dw, so thanks to the person who posted a link. Also my thanks go out
to the folks at DiversifYA not only for taking the time to interview
me, but also for posting that. It was a lot of fun being
interviewed by them, and I hope to do something like this again. For some reason I couldn't get the direct link to copy
and paste, but I'm providing a link to their website's main page. More than likely
I hit the wrong command, but that's all cool since I'm still getting used
to how exactly things are done in the wonderful and revitalized world of Apple. So just point your favorite browser to http://www.diversifya.com . Happy reading and I eagerly await your comments, good or bad. Comments will be accepted here following this entry only. Comments are no longer being accepted though on their site, probably because no comments were posted there yet. I'm not sure though.
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