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I am currently in a good mood, because of the weather. It has once again warmed up a good deal, and I hope it stays like that this time. I am able to see sunlight. My mood has never been affected by the changes in weather, but still I like to get outside now and then. I only go out when it's nice and sunny. For example, this afternoon as I was waiting to be picked up for heARTwords, it was a bit warm and the sun was shining. There was a nice cool breeze blowing as well, which felt very good. Often times when I'm on my back porch with my neighbor from across the hall or by myself, I can feel the nice cool breeze blowing.

I like to listen to rain and thunder, but I don't like to be outside during a storm. This goes for snow as well. I've had to travel by foot in the snow and ice, and that's not fun at all. It is especially not fun when it's blustery out there.
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