Glasses for Blind Person or Blind People

Date: 2017-07-02 07:11 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hey there--thanks for your posts! They are incredibly inspiring, and I'm glad to see that there's other out there struggling with vision loss who can remain as positive as you! I wanted to ask, have you heard about OrCam's glasses for blind person ( impaired? Essentially it's a technology for the blind visually impaired ( or those with reading disabilities that assists with everyday tasks, such as reading and facial recognition. I was wondering if you've used them before, or if you know someone who has. I myself have heard wonderful things thus far, but I'd love your feedback! I'm considering buying a pair very soon, but it's a big investment. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much for your help, and for your lovely blog--you are such an inspiration! Keep it up! :)
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