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Hi everyone. This is just a quick? entry to let y'all know--or perhaps remind some of you--that this year's Global Accessibility Awareness Day is today. This is a day when we honor all those who have made great strides in technology accessibility, including web and software developers. I'm including this very website here. Yes I'm talking to you, Dreamwidth staff and volunteers and everybody else who make this thing possible. You've done a marvelous job building an accessible journaling platform, and it shows. Those who have not heard of this please check out http://www.globalaccessibilityawarenessday.org , and pledge your support for this most important cause.

Accessibility also applies to on-land spaces too. For instance, I and a group of co-workers were in Santa Barbara, California earlier this week on business. First off, I was offered a wheelchair to get through security at the airport here in Chicago. I have always been a cane user, and can walk just fine provided somebody with working eyeballs is with me when I need help navigating unfamiliar territory. Having said that though, I did appreciate being pushed around in the wheelchair for that short amount of time. Additionally, it got me and my group through airport security much quicker so that we didn't miss our flight. I was again offered a wheelchair upon landing in Los Angeles. My hotel room was very accessible, including the bathroom. Upon our check-in at the airport in L.A. to return to Chicago, I went sighted guide with one of our group leaders, and upon seeing my cane we were immediately permitted to go directly to the front of the security line. So accessibility truly does come in large and small forms, and I for one very much appreciate all that has been done thus far by various entities to increase access for everybody. Even those without documented disabilities can and do benefit from it.
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