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Hi everyone. I have some exciting news to share. Nope, I'm not taking up jousting or any such thing. Although, there are 2 Renaissance places that I've gone to and really like them both. But the exciting news is this. A few days ago while perusing AppleVis, I came across a game called The Blind Swordsman. It is said to work under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. So I thought I'd give it a try. This game has actually been out for just over a year as of this writing, and supposedly the Mac version is currently just about the only accessible game for this platform, if not the only one. It's free too, which of course cannot be beat. So I downloaded a copy for myself. At first I ran into a bit of trouble starting the game, but I did get it going. As you will see, there is a security setting that has to be changed in order for this and probably other games to work on here. I really enjoy the game itself, and I've found it to be rather challenging. Perhaps part of this is due to my level of expertise gaming on the Mac, I'm not sure. But it is totally self-voicing and does not require VoiceOver. Here is a link to more about the game and where to download it:

http://www.applevis.com/apps/mac/games/blind-swordsman .

I'm assuming sighted people can play too. Happy gaming!
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