Jan. 20th, 2016

Hello everybody. Nope, I'm not talking about being a year old again.
Believe me, when I was only a year old I most probably didn't even
know what the heck the Internet was. What's more, Dreamwidth wasn't
even a figment of somebody's imagination back then. At least I don't
think it was. I would, however, like to travel back in time via the
Dreamwidth teleporter if and when we get that working. But what I am
talking about is my first birthday celebration of 2016. That's right:
I will be a year older and a year wiser over the weekend. I'll most
probably be celebrating at my parents' house, but more on that after
it actually happens.

But earlier this evening I celebrated with the other residents in my
apartment complex, along with my tutors. A great time was had by all,
and the food and drink was delicious. Thank you one of my tutors and
Jewel-Osco for making that happen. My neighbors and my other tutor
gave me cards and a lovely birthday dessert. Yay for awesome neighbors
and tutors! This all took place down in our brand-new community room,
which is very spacious and wonderful. But for now I think it's time to
say goodnight.
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