Feb. 18th, 2016

Well actually, I should say the latest update to Chromevox which I'm assuming gets updated along with Chrome itself. I was trying to use it throughout the past several days, but for whatever reason the only voices that worked were the VoiceOver ones. Additionally, when I shut off VoiceOver and attempted to use Chromevox by itself I got dead silence. So after posting about this on the Axs-Chrome-Discuss email list I decided to try removing the extension and re-installing it. This is a pretty straightforward process on the Mac. So that's what I did and voila! Chromevox immediately came up, and a few of the voices which previously didn't work for me started speaking straightaway as I switched to them. Notice I only said that a few of them are working. For whatever reason several other voices are mentioned in the list but they don't seem to work. This was the case when I used an earlier version of Chromevox shortly after acquiring this MacBook. The other problem I'm having with this extension is that it seems to crash on me a bit. I'm assuming these 2 issues are due to the fact that I have a lot of stuff on here already, mainly music. So I'm going to try and copy some of my music to a thumbdrive, and hopefully sometime in the near future I will be able to get an external hard drive.

But along with the negatives must come positives, right? I did, like I mentioned above, get some of the voices working with Chromevox and thus far I have found it to be a very nice addition to what is in my opinion an excellent web browser. I like the earcons, and it's nice that we have the ability to turn them off if we don't want them. This behavior is also in VoiceOver. So on the whole I'm very impressed with Chromevox. I'm going to try and report the crashes via Google's bug tracker.
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