May. 6th, 2016

Hey everyone. Not got much to share for this entry but some random tidbits. I'm sitting out here on my back porch, enjoying this beautiful weather that we had today. I have yet to check the latest forecast via Weather Underground, so I'm not sure if the beautiful weather will stick around for good this time but I'm hoping it will.

Today was a very good day, as most of them are for me. I spent most of it getting used to the service which was installed yesterday in my apartment. I didn't actually have much to get used to though, since it is basically an extension of the Internet and phone service which I already had. There are some additional features, which haven't been set up yet. I might have to have sighted assistance with those though, since I've never used them before. Actually I think only one of the features is totally new to me, that being some sort of voice add-on for my land line. But I guess I'll find out all about it when the time comes. I think the biggest win for me though was a reduced rate for me and my neighbor across the hall. He and I have been splitting the cost of our phone and Internet now for a little while, and today was his birthday so I think the lower cost is a cool present. The service was installed in my place yesterday, and it seems to be working just as it should. Additionally, the technician who was here and the technician with whom I spoke on the phone earlier in the week, were both very professional and courteous.

I also had 2 implants put in my mouth this week, with a follow-up appointment yesterday. The endodontist and his staff did an excellent job with everything, and I'm healing quite nicely and on schedule.

I'm going to learn how to use iCloud with my computer. Originally I was going to purchase an external hard drive for use with my MacBook, but after talking it over with my father last weekend I think I'll try out the cloud. I'm admittedly not as well-versed on a lot of this stuff as most of you no doubt are, but I'll get there. As previously mentioned I love my MacBook and I'm eager to learn more about it.
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