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Hey everyone. I'm back to post about another birthday celebration, this one being on my actual birthday which happened over the weekend. Last Wednesday evening was my "unofficial" birthday and this past weekend was my real one. Or "official," or whatever you want to call it. On Friday afternoon I went to my parents' house. But we did not have pizza that evening for supper, as has been traditional in the fam for ages. Instead we had tuna casserole and veggies. I was fortunately able to sleep in the upstairs apartment again both that night and the next which I'll cover in a bit. Not that sleeping in the downstairs apartment is bad, but I had to do that over Christmas and Thanksgiving and I must admit there was not much privacy. I say that because the kids were running around all over the place both during Thanksgiving and Xmas. But they're still young, so I guess I should at least cut them some slack. Lol! These are my niece and nephew.

But back to my weekend birthday celebration. We did end up ordering in Saturday evening from a pizza place that has quite honestly become one of my all-time favorites. Don't get me wrong: I love pizza and have had it from various places, most were very good experiences. I did have some pizza from a place here that was burnt, but the place ended up shutting down. I don't recall whether the owners were forced to shut their restaurant down, or they did it voluntarily. I also had some tasteless pizza in London several years ago. But the place from which we ordered over the weekend has both thin-crust and deep-dish pizza. There's just something that in my mind sets them apart from any other player in the game of pizza. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. Not to mention a friend of mine works at one of this chain's locations. But I didn't get to see him because I stayed home when our food was picked up. He's been working there for a couple of years though, and from what I've been told he does a nice job and really likes it. This friend happens to have a disability, and I'm a big fan of businesses who hire people with disabilities. It's just so right! What's more, people with disabilities want to be employed.

Yesterday morning I went to church, which I don't do regularly anymore only because I can't get there and back on my own. But I went yesterday and it was good. I saw lots of old church buddies.

Then I came back here to the bachelor pad. I want to briefly mention something else I did on my actual birthday though, because I believe it deserves a mention. I was perusing Dreamwidth the night before as I have done for just under 2 years now, and I came across a banner that led to a social-networking site which I hadn't heard of previously. So I exited Dreamwidth and went to the other site just to have a look around. After all, I was rather skeptical of the website because screen readers and social networking tend not to be very good pals. However, upon looking at the registration form on the site I was pleasantly surprised so I decided to proceed with registration. The entire process only took less than a minute and worked very well with VoiceOver. So in my profile you will now see a banner to that website. A huge thank you to the developers over there and the developers here on Dreamwidth for making their respective websites accessible at least with VoiceOver.
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