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What is my wonder land? My wonder land is a place with unending sweets and beverages. There would be cookies, candy, and all things unhealthy. I would invite the whole wide world to my wonder land. I would call this Sweetland, kind of like the Candyland of that famous song. There would be absolutely no limit put on the amount of consumption. Those with dietary restrictions would be welcome here too, and highly encouraged to partake in everything. I would have glutin-free stuff, and whatever else people requested for their dietary needs. This includes the beverages. I'd stock alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for everybody. I'd put a big sign out front and one out back. Both of these would welcome people with disabilities, and they would have big arrows pointing to all the access features. Sweetland would be universally accessible. Nobody should be left out of anything. People would be allowed to stay there as long as they wanted, because this would be open 24-7, 366 days a year. If and when people wanted to go work out, they'd just have to fend for themselves.
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