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Hey all. I was perusing AppleVis just a few weeks ago as I often like to do, and came across the following blog post. Please note I have yet to try this new screen reader out. I might not even do that, but the jury's still out on this one. I was at first a bit skeptical about this, but upon further investigation I discovered that one of the guys involved with the project has been involved with screen reader development for many moons and is well-respected by many throughout the field of assistive technology. I have not met him in person, but I have been a frequent visitor to his blogs for a few years and have come to appreciate both his writing style and integrity.

Some of you may be asking yourselves why I don't just use VoiceOver, Apple's on-board screen reader. Well my friends, that is a very good question indeed. After all, I used the AppleIIE back in the day with its built-in speech. But that was not a screen reader, as defined by today's standards. Like I've mentioned previously on here, I have been a proud Mac user since 2014. Well actually I got my Mac 2 days after Christmas 2013, but I had to get used to a whole different operating system and that didn't happen overnight. Once I got the lay of the land on here, I naturally started to feel more comfortable again about the company. I think their accessibility folks have done a very nice job with VoiceOver, and it is sufficient enough for me at this time. I have not played around in the OS X terminal much if at all, so I can't and won't verify what others have said about VoiceOver's performance in there.

That said, I think this new screen reader has a lot of potential based on what I've read. What's more, people who know me well will tell you that I like to tinker around with things and they're absolutely right. I'm approaching this with a fair amount of caution as I don't want to break anything. I'm not a programmer. But here's the link: https://is.gd/Fk6SYy . Do please check this out and, if you are so inclined, grab yourself a copy and show these guys a little love. I'll do likewise at some point.
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