I'd say my friends would describe me as down to Earth, and a breath of fresh air. I think they'd describe me as even-tempered. I am down to Earth and a breath of fresh air, since I live on Earth. I am also very even-tempered. However, I do get fired up about things such as advocacy in certain states.
I don't like all this winter weather. It is too cold. I don't like to travel outside a lot when it is snowy and icy. Another thing I don't like about winter is getting sick. However, what I do like about winter is the holiday season and all the warmth inside.
Hopes and Dreams: "No 2 people are exactly alike. There are a few things which we all need such as food and shelter, but everybody is their own individual self."

Teamwork and collaboration: "If you don't know, then who does?"

Goal-setting and action planning: "The sky's the limit."

Fear; obstacles, determination: "You can do almost anything you set your mind to."

Innovation; creating new possibilities; risk: "Step out of your comfort zone once in awhile; try new things."

Person-centered: "Nobody else can tell you how to feel or what to do with your life. Only you can make that choice."
On MLKJ Day, I honor that great Civil Rights leader named Martin Luther King, Jr., for all the wonderful work he did to advance our cause. On Valentine's Day, I honor the people I have in my life, and eat lots of sweethearts. On St. Patrick's Day I try to play some Irish music. If I'm lucky I will eat some corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. On Easter I go on an Easter egg hunt with my nephew and niece. On Mothers' Day I honor my mother, and on Fathers' Day I honor my Father. On Labor Day I sleep in all day. On Thanksgiving I give thanks to God for all that He has done. But don't I do that everyday? On Christmas I open loads of presents. Hanukkah is just another ordinary day for me. I'm not Jewish, but I respect those who are.
For fun, one thing I like to do is pleasure reading. When I first
moved to Illinois, I was registered for a service that provides
talking books and other audio material for free. I forget who actually
registered me though. At first this material was on cassette and
floppy disk, but now it is digital. This material can either
be sent in the postal mail, or it can be downloaded from a website. I
prefer downloading, because that way I can keep the material as long
as I want. There is no due date when downloading this material.

That ties into another thing I like to do for fun, which is surf the
Internet. This includes going through the website for
this library material. New stuff is added all the time.
I've gone out to eat for ages, but one restaurant which I remember fondly is Bakers Square. I honestly wish there were more Bakers Square locations around. This restaurant chain used to only have pies, and the chain was known by a different name back then. But the pies are amazing, and so is the other food. These are sit-down restaurants, where you have servers. Each server I've had there over the years was great. I think one of my favorite things to order there is the quiche. One of my favorite pies there is French Silk, which is a chocolatey mess of goodness. I don't believe I've ever been poisoned at a restaurant, but others have. Finally, I'm proud to report that Bakers Square is very disability friendly in my books.

How I Learn

Oct. 3rd, 2014 03:47 pm
I am an auditory and tactile learner. I have great Braille skills, and
I can read Braille books very well. However, I prefer to listen to
audio since it doesn't take up nearly as much space. I also find tactile
diagrams very useful sometimes in explaining things. I also do well
when a live person reads slowly to me and breaks stuff up.
One thing that means the world to me is assistive technology. Without assistive technology, people with disabilities would be unable to use computers. We would be unable to participate in class without things such as PDA's (personal data assistants.) Without screen readers and screen magnification, people with vision impairments would not even be able to use a computer. I've never used screen magnification, but screen readers enable me to boot up my computer and work on stuff. Accessible websites allow us to go online and look stuff up, or download stuff without having to navigate through an entire maze of unlabeled links and buttons that just add unnecessary clutter to a website.

Another part of assistive technology that means the world to me is having Braille and raised markings on rest room doors, etc., in public places.
I used to live in Pennsylvania. I was not born there, But my family and I lived in Hummelstown and then Hershey. One of my favorite memories of Hershey is Hershey Park. I used to go piggyback on my father, and I went on a lot of fun rides. Some of the rides had loud buzzers, and I remember being scared to death of the buzzers. I'm not that scared of loud buzzers anymore though. But the other rides were fun too. Back then I liked roller coasters, and Hershey Park had a lot of those. I went on them with my father and some other family members. My mother didn't like roller coasters though, and still doesn't because she gets sick on them. The park also had fun music on the merry-go-round. They also had good food including Hershey chocolate candies.
I actually like all 4 seasons for various reasons. However, one of my favorite seasons is summer. I love to go to cookouts, and just be outside. When it is raining or storming out, I like to just stay inside and listen to it all. I like to listen to all the outside sounds of nature. I also like to sit on my back porch with my computer or food and drink.
Technology is accessible. Or at least it is accessible with screen readers. A lot of it is, fortunately. I can surf the web a lot faster than I did in the past. More and more websites are becoming accessible with screen readers. Most of the websites that were originally accessible, are becoming more accessible. But some are not. I'm particularly referring to the website for my volunteer job. A large portion of it is very accessible, but there is a large portion of it that is not accessible. I highly doubt at this point if that will change. If this portion of the website were to be made accessible, I could do a heck of a lot more than I am doing now for my volunteer job.
One decision which I have to make every day is what to have for breakfast. I happen to like several different breakfast items, so this decision can be a hard one to make. Some mornings I have cold cereal for breakfast. My life-skills tutor and I bought a big pitcher at Target awhile ago, which holds my cold cereal. I keep this pitcher in a cabinet below my medications. The cereals I like include but are not limited to: granola, rice Krispies, raisin bran and Wheaties. Picking just one at the grocery store can be a chore inandof itself. In addition to the actual cereal, I have to decide whether to pour milk or orange juice on it. I also like hot cereal, such as oatmeal and pancakes. But I am also a big fan of things such as French toast and omelettes.

A second decision I have to make each day is what to do with myself when I'm not with my life-skills tutor or working on stuff for my volunteer job. I don't currently have a full-time job, and I doubt whether that will change at this point. I do still have my part-time Social Media Assistant job, but that doesn't take long at all. So when I'm not out somewhere, I need to occupy myself in addition to getting on my computer every day or playing music on my Yamaha keyboard. I might start playing computer games again, when I learn how to install them on my Mac.

A 3rd decision I make almost every day is what to have for lunch. My life-skills tutor and I prepare meals ahead of time, so this decision is somewhat easy. We also get frozen meals and other goodies at the store. This decision also applies to dinner and/or dessert if I choose to have a dessert on a given evening that is not included in my frozen meal.

Another very important decision I have to make each day is when to go to bed at night and when to get up in the morning. I guess this could be split into 2 decisions. I usually prefer to sleep in a bit each morning, since I don't always have much going on during the day. But on my laundry days, for instance, I wake up early to take my dirty clothes down to the community room in my building and put them in the washer.
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I'm a candidate for President in the 2016 elections. I would do away with any and all politics as we know it. I would change the voting laws, `so that there'd be no more corruption. I'd also join the parties so that everybody would vote the same. They would be required to vote against gun violence, plus violence of any kind. I would change the meaning of "tea party," and offer free tea and crumpets at 4:00 in the afternoon. My disability platform would be totally and utterly bipartisan and non-biased.
Hello everybody. Here are the first and second parts of a series which I am calling "heARTwords Creations." heARTwords is a writing workshop of which I'm a charter member. We meet here in the Chicago area, and these sessions are every other Saturday as noted. I'd like to sincerely thank the person who started heARTwords, as well as all his assistants for getting it off the ground and maintaining it. BTW, heARTwords is not a typo. I have written it that way because that's how it's always been written in the activities calendar which is sent out each month. There are currently no open spots in the workshop. So here without further adieu is part 1 of this series. I hope you enjoy these writings. Please note that more will appear on here as we have sessions and when I have my computer with me. For now at least, I will write the prompter followed by my response. Some of these, or a lot of them, may be past works of mine as I only started writing them down again this weekend. Those who want to know the reason for this, please comment below. Life is not about taking breaths, but about the moments that take our breaths away. My family and I went to Honolulu in January of 2004. It was a great trip. The weather was warm and beautiful. I heard birds and lovely island music. We also met some very friendly people, who always greeted us in Hawaiian. One of the highlights of this trip for me was going to some friends' house for a cookout. One of the things we had were taro rolls. Taro is a root vegetable. I can't remember the exact flavor of these rolls, but we really enjoyed them.

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