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Hi everyone! I have decided to devote this entry to a brief discussion of my MacBook Air. Am I an Apple fan boy? Well, perhaps not yet as this is the only Apple product which I own. It is my first ever Mac. I acquired it just after Christmas last year, and I honestly can't say enough good things about it. Please allow me to back up a bit and mention that I was less than enthusiastic when my parents approached me over Thanksgiving about switching from Windows to the Mac platform. I had mostly been hearing and reading negative things about VoiceOver, the on-board screen reader for the Mac platform. The only person I knew at the time who had anything positive to say about VoiceOver was my former roommate, and he unfortunately passed away last year. Well, little did I know just what a surprise I was in for. The guys who assisted my parents and me at our local Apple store were very friendly and knowledgeable. This includes the initial purchase of my Mac, and the One-to-One training session which I attended with one of my parents. First off, I'd like to say that Apple did the right thing by including VoiceOver in most if not all of their products at no extra cost to the user. I don't think that can necessarily be said about Microsoft. Not that they're a bad company, in fact quite the contrary if you ask this user. However, Microsoft never had a built-in screen reader. I'm told Narrator has seen a lot of improvement over the years, but back when I used it it was definitely not that reliable. The other Windows-based screen readers have to be downloaded or purchased separately. I have used all of them except for 1, and they are excellent. But for those of you screen reader users who are considering taking the leap, I highly recommend you check out VoiceOver. But besides the screen reader aspect of the Mac, I'm finding the whole operating system to be quite stable and easy to learn. One thing I've wanted to do for awhile now is try out gaming on here. A lot of audio games are currently only available in Windows, that will require me to run Windows on here, and I hear Bootcamp is the way to go these days in order to do that.
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