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Hello everyone. I think y'all can guess from the title what this entry is about. That's right, I finally managed to upgrade to OS X Yosemite. And I didn't even need to exchange this MacBook for another one. This one had the right amount of memory to do it. Actually my life-skills tutor was kind enough to install the upgrade for me, because we were doing things anyway yesterday and I needed help sorting out a pesky password issue. So he killed 2 birds with one stone, more or less. I think I could've done the upgrade myself because I've heard that the installation process is entirely accessible with VoiceOver, but it was cool for him to help out. So here are my thoughts thus far of Apple's latest offering for the Mac. First I'd like to alert any VO users who have yet to upgrade, to turn off File Vault if you have a password to log onto your computer. Somehow I managed to bypass the logon screen with File Vault enabled. Funny thing is, I forget how exactly I did it. But this morning when I booted up my Mac, VO was ready to go. I am having a problem with my iCloud keychain, but I'm hoping somebody will be able to assist me with that. But other than that, I'd say Yosemite is another good release. There are 2 minor VoiceOver quirks that I've found, one of which might not even be considered much of a quirk at all depending on how one looks at it. Safari seems to have a slightly different look and feel to it, but it still seems to work great with VO. I'm not going to list out the changes and bug fixes, or the new features since those can be gotten elsewhere online such as AppleVis. But I think Apple did a very good job with Yosemite. In the coming weeks I'm sure I'll play around with it some more and discover new things. But I'm very impressed thus far.
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