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Hello everybody. Just last night I was perusing Dreamwidth as has been customary for me over the past few years, and I came across this entry which I am signal-boosting. I've never used the app in question, but as a longtime screen reader user who is passionate about accessibility I was disheartened to read the following information. I am therefore highly encouraging as many of my readers as possible to signal-boost this. Get it all over social media, do whatever you have to do to get the message out that this app must be made a lot more accessible. Due to time constraints I haven't yet checked out the page for this app, but I definitely plan to do so very soon. In addition to signal-boosting this, please feel free to comment here in this entry if you so desire.

http://onj.me/2wilx .

Thanks bunches, and hopefully these devs will someday wake up and smell the coffee.
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