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Hi everyone. Well I'm back to give my thoughts on Apple's latest update to the Macintosh platform, called High Sierra. This was just unleashed on Monday to the masses, and as with their past few major updates I thought I'd play it safe and check AppleVis first. Sure enough, AppleVis has their run-down based upon testing carried out by the brilliant team of editors over there. Then on Monday night I started the update process. This didn't take quite as long as previous updates, perhaps due in part to me backing up my Mac beforehand via Time Machine. But I have done that now for some time. I went to bed, and within about fifteen minutes of being in bed I heard VoiceOver telling me that the installation process was a success. So I came back in here, turned off my charger and shut down for the night. Then when I booted up the next morning, I found I had the new update. I'm very pleased with it thus far. For those VoiceOver users who have yet to update or whatever, you're in for some good stuff.

First off, pdf support in VoiceOver is now much better. I tried this on a couple .pdfs so far, and am happy to report that they both work great. I haven't yet been able to test out an online .pdf, but I trust that Apple did the right thing and these are more accessible too.

The new feature that I'll mention here is image descriptions. This is still in its infancy, but based on what I've seen thus far it works well. Pressing Control-Option-Shift L on an image gives VoiceOver users a description of that image.

There are other things, but those are discussed elsewhere. So for those AT users and nonAT users alike who use Macs and wish to update, go ahead and do so. Or not, depending on how you feel. But don't come crying on my shoulder if bad things start happening, lol! You have been warned.
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